Yoga with Judy


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Join the Yoga with Judy class for your morning yoga fix!

In this class, your tutor Judy Charlesworth will guide you on how to work with your body not only physically, but also establishing the mental and emotional connection in your practice. Judy will teach you yoga as the art of letting go, lengthening the muscles, creating space in your body and awareness as you move into the Asanas (postures).

Yoga is about loving yourself as you are right now with your strengths and weaknesses. This is why you will be invited to take each Asana to where it is right for your body.

As you warm up the muscles and move into deeper poses with awareness, your muscles become more flexible.
It is okay to realize you may have moved to deep into an asana, just move back, breathe, then take your body to an pose where it feels right for you.

Listening to your body is key as well as accepting it. We all have challenges whether due to past accidents (broken bones healing incorrectly, scar tissue that will not stretch) or simply due to how our bodies are naturally built (long arms, short legs, full bust etc..). Judy believes that Yoga is about you being true to your self and working with what you have, with your strengths and weaknesses alike.



This class will be enjoyable for beginners as well as people who have already started their yoga practice. This is the ideal class for people who want to work within any constraints their body may present.



Judy Charlesworth has been with Uxbridge for over ten years and has been teaching for over eighteen years. She even has co-authored a yoga book in the 90s.
Reed more about Judy here.
See the book she has co-authored here.

Class Location

Te Whare Ora

37 Uxbridge Road Howick, 2014

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