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Please refer to the information below.



Safety and protection of participants
All tutors receive a health and safety briefing every term, or event, which includes the evacuation procedures, first aid procedures, hazard identification procedures, and the importance of keeping accurate rolls in regard to health and safety. This safety briefing may be in the form of a written document.

A safety briefing must be included in the introduction to all classes, workshops, events and trips. All participants and visitors should have available sufficient information with regards to health and safety policies, particularly in evacuation procedures, safety wardens, and meeting points.

Where practicable a register will be kept of persons on site to record any person who is not a member of staff, a tutor, a class participant, or trustee. (This excludes events where there is no registration or ticketing process). The Centre Director has the authority to remove any person visiting the Centre who is endangering others, creating a public nuisance or not abiding by the Health & Safety Policy.

Programme and event registration forms must indicate the need for self- responsibility from participants for their own health and safety, and the need to report any concerns to a member of staff.

Participants in workshops, classes or events must notify the centre of any personal limitations which may compromise their health and safety while at the centre or require medical intervention.

Signage for exits, assembly points, first aid, emergency procedures, and fire safety equipment must be compliant with current legislation requirements.

Fire, safety and evacuation drills are scheduled regularly by Auckland Council. Legislative and compliance requirements for health and safety will be maintained by Auckland Council.


External visits
External visits organised by UXBRIDGE require participants to advise any special requirements, including medication. Staff or tutors will need to familiarise themselves with any requirements before the trip, and advise the Centre Director if, in their view, there is inadequate training or resources to maintain the safety of the participant. The Centre Director may engage with the participant to assess the situation and decide on the participant’s participation.

A list of participants must be kept in the office for the duration of the trip as well as by the coordinator of the trip.


No one with a conviction for crimes of a sexual or violent nature will be allowed to work with children. Our tutors, working with children, have all agreed to criminal history check through the Department for Courts/and or Police Department

Children are supervised when at UXBRIDGE, including after class. A tutor or staff member will ensure that all children are collected by a parent or designated guardian. Wherever practicable, tutors and staff take steps to ensure they are not in a situation where they are alone with a child.

A minimum of two adults, (or a proportional representation of 1:6) must accompany children on any excursions outside UXBRIDGE.

Children may only be taken on excursions with written permission from a parent/guardian.

Tutors’ assistants must be a minimum age of 16.


All our classes/workshops and events require a minimum number of participants to be financially viable. Regrettably, there are occasions when we need to cancel classes/workshops as they have not met that minimum number. If that happens then we will refund you in full.

If you change your mind about a class/workshop we need 7 days advance notice. This is so we have time to sell your place. Otherwise, one less person in a class or workshop may mean that we’re not covering our costs and the class/workshop may no longer be viable. 

If you do cancel we will make a refund (less a $15 admin fee, or $10 if the cost of the class/workshop is less than $60). Otherwise, you can transfer to another current class/workshop if space is available. Another option is to gift your registration to a friend. We don’t make any charge for this but, for the purposes of health and safety, do please let us know about this change.

We cannot issue a refund or a transfer if you cancel less than 7 days in advance or once the class/workshop has started.


Our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy follows the 13 principles of Privacy, which form the Privacy Act 2020.


  • Gather only the information required to complete the task for which the information is required.
  • Ensure the information can only be accessed by authorised staff and volunteers for purposes connected with the activities of UXBRIDGE.
  • Maintain data security systems that protect the information being held.
  • Secure information in archive systems that enable recovery of the data.
  • Only hold information for as long as it is needed and will securely destroy information once it IS no longer required.

Information will be collected from the person concerned. Information about someone may be sourced from other people only if the person concerned authorises collection from someone else or if:

  • If it’s necessary to uphold or enforce the law.
  • If the information is collected from a publicly available source.
  • If collecting information from the person directly would undermine the purpose of collection.

UXBRIDGE will be open about why they are collecting personal information and what they will do with it and will take reasonable steps to make sure that the person knows:

  • Why it’s being collected
  • Who will receive it
  • Whether giving it is compulsory or voluntary
  • What will happen if the information isn’t provided

Manner of collection
UXBRIDGE collects information about a person in a way that is fair and legal taking consideration of the manner of collection, of  purpose for collection, the degree to which the collection intrudes on privacy, and the time and place it is collected.

UXBRIDGE will ensure particular care when collecting information from children and young people.

Storage and security
UXBRIDGE will ensure there are safeguards in place that are reasonable in the circumstances to prevent loss, misuse or disclosure of personal information.

People have a right to ask for access to their own personal information. UXBRIDGE will provide access to the personal information it holds about someone if the person in question asks to see it.  People can only ask for information about themselves. The Privacy Act does not allow a request for information about another person, unless acting on that person’s behalf and with their written permission.

A person has a right to ask UXBRIDGE to correct information about them if they think it is wrong.

If UXBRIDGE does not agree that the information needs correcting, an individual can ask UXBRIDGE to attach a statement of correction to its records, and, if reasonable, UXBRIDGE should do so.

UXBRIDGE will check, before using or disclosing personal information, that it is accurate, up to date, complete, relevant and not misleading.

UXBRIDGE will not keep personal information for longer than it is required for the purpose it may lawfully be used.

UXBRIDGE will only use personal information for the purpose it was collected.  Sometimes other uses will be allowed, such as if the new use is directly related to the original purpose, or if the person in question gives their permission for their information to be used in a different way.

UXBRIDGE will only disclose personal information in limited circumstances.  For instance, when:

  • Disclosure is one of the purposes for which UXBRIDGE has the information.
  • The person concerned authorises the disclosure.
  • The information is used in a way that does not identify the person concerned.
  • Disclosure is necessary to avoid endangering someone’s health or safety.
  • Disclosure is necessary to uphold or enforce the law.

Disclosure outside New Zealand
UXBRIDGE will never disclose personal information outside New Zealand

Unique identifiers
Unique identifiers are individual numbers, references, or other forms of identification allocated to people by organisations, such as driver’s licence numbers, passport numbers, or IRD numbers. UXBRIDGE may use unique identifiers when, for example for compliance requirements.


Occasionally we like to take photographs for future publicity purposes. If you object to us using these photographs then please advise us immediately.


UXBRIDGE Classes and Weekend Workshops are designed and intended for ages 16+. In some instances, we can allow younger participants, but this must be pre-arranged through our customer services team prior to the class or workshop taking place. The course or workshop attendance fee must be paid in full for every attending participant.


No classes or workshops are held on public holidays or weekends that are attached to public holidays.