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For ages 8+

Take this opportunity and sing! Whether you need a bit of formal coaching with your voice or you’ve always wanted to sing and never known whether you could or not, come see if you can. You will learn excellent warm up routines, sound vocal technique, lyric styling, stagecraft, and have lots of fun along the way - which in the end is what music is all about!


For ages 6 - 12 years

those who like to get messy, have fun and create, this is a fabulous introduction to working with clay and learning basic skills. Raewyn is an experienced potter and tutor who will help you ‘fire up’ your imagination – get stuck in and let your hands do their thing!


For ages 6 to 12 years

This fun introduction to art teaches the basics of drawing and painting using a host of different media. Amber is a friendly, talented, experienced and enthusiastic artist and tutor who encourages individual expression.


For ages 8 - 12 years

These classes are designed to take young artists to the next level and help them develop their own style. Each session we’ll teach new drawing techniques and teach different aspects of painting.
For this class children need no prior painting experience.


For ages 13 to 17 years

This class is about freedom, growth and loosening up! Working on a personal project and need help or do you just need a break from school art to explore some of your own ideas? Every artist is different so let’s build and develop your style and confidence through learning technical skills including layout, composition and application of colour. We’ll discuss ideas, problem solve and have general discussions about art and artists.