May 6, 2021 10:00 am - May 10, 2021 4:00 pm

East Auckland Embroiderers Guild (EAEG) is an incorporated society and a member of the Association of New Zealand Embroiders Guild (ANZEG). It was formed in 2004 and has a current membership of 60 meeting twice each month – one day meeting and one evening meeting. ANZEG’s overall aim is to encourage embroidery in all its forms, innovation in design, and excellence in stitching. The members of EAEG fulfil this aim, being involved in a wide range of embroidery techniques ranging from very old traditional forms of stitching from around the world through to modern creations and multi-media projects. Workshops are often held at meetings to teach new skills, utilising both guild members and outside tutors. In addition to this, members can attend regional and national workshops run by both excellent local and international tutors – some with training such as the Royal School of Needlework.

Members are encouraged to try a diversity of embroidery techniques and to also create their own designs which then get transformed into a unique finished item. The resulting projects cover a vast range including stitched art for hanging, ornaments, cushions and table mats etc. These works of art are of an extremely high quality, with some members receiving recognition awards at regional and national exhibitions.

EAEG has run an exhibition open to the public every two years since its inception and has been pleased to be able to share this age-old craft, keeping these traditional skills alive and continues to inspire new and younger members in their embroidery.

July 3, 2021 2:30 pm - August 28, 2021 4:00 pm Malcolm Smith Gallery


Awards Ceremony
Saturday 3 July, 2:30PM 2021

The only contemporary art award in Aotearoa New Zealand with ecology at its core.

Artists have been invited to research and respond to the Tāmaki estuary – to underscore the ecological value of this vital waterway, and to encourage action against its pollution.

UXBRIDGE is pleased to welcome the Tāmaki Estuary Environmental Forum as partner and sponsor for this year’s event. The prize pool is now $10,000. Our judge, Francis McWhannell, will select 20-25 artworks for the 15th Estuary Art and Ecology Award based on their innovative and intelligent response to ecology and the Tāmaki Estuary. He will also select a number of other entries for display outside the main gallery. These entries will also be open for the Rice Family Partnership’s People’s Award.

Signature Image: Confluence – 2020 Estuary Art Awards (Merit)

Cathy Tuato’o Ross, Bindy Caesar, Penny Fitt, Heather Hunt, Richard Hunter, Julia Newland

We have selected this image for the 2021 Estuary Art Awards as it is the result of a creative collaboration and is a conscious response to the dilemma of the Tāmaki Estuary’s past, present, and future. It involved conversation, negotiation, learning and incorporates knowledge of place with knowledge of colonial history and the effects of human activity on the land, the water and the climate. Restoring, preserving and respecting the ecology of Tāmaki Estuary is an ongoing project that will require conversations, listening, negotiation and collaborative action across the different perspectives of all those affected – a confluence.

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