Trisha Manalansan


Trisha Manalansan – tutor of Soy Candle Making workshops

My love for candles started at a very young age of 12 and I have not been able to look back since! Personally, scented candles have always been able to offer me a sense of calmness, peace and balance in a world full of stimulation and commotion.

Since attending my first candle workshop in July 2020, it sparked an idea of creating products I love that can be incorporated with mental health and wellbeing. So, Evoke Candles was born and has since become a medium for me to share products that initiate the state of positive wellbeing by taking them to that transient place of serenity and harmony.
I also thoroughly enjoy mixing fragrances that aim to evoke different moods to feel revitalised, euphoric, relaxed, festive, and so on.

If you’re ever attending one of my workshops, I am so excited to share my passion with you by teaching the art and science of scented soy candle making. I hope you also get to find your sanctuary in this hectic and overwhelming world we live in, starting by making and lighting a candle.

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