Katie Smith


Katie Smith is Smitten! At least as founder of Smitten design she is smitten with colour, textures, fabric and ink. Working with fabric in one way or another all her life: From clothes to interiors to conceptual art, she has always been fascinated by the power of fabric to transform places, spaces and people.

Her textile crush started at an early age. As a teenager hoarding charity-shop fabrics – like coats and dresses – in her room. Like a foodie, she obsessively sniffed out fabrics with superior weaves and designs. After studying at Goldsmiths London in the mid 90’s Katie headed to Dunedin continuing her own practice as founder of Smitten Design. Many years on,at the core of her business is the same ethos: quality over quantity, carefully curated colours that change and evolve subtly, and run against the prevailing tide of mass consumption.

Katie likes to keep things simple and shares her knowledge of back to basics prints and block printing with our UXBRIDGE community.   I n a world of mass produces fabrics and products Katie likes nothing more than to collaborate, with the right people on the right project or the right class!