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Perspectives: Te Tai Ao, Notions Of The Universal

Exhibition: February 9, 2023 -
March 11, 2023

Exhibition dates: 9 February – 11 March

‘Perspectives: Te Tai Ao Notions of the Universal’ Exhibition has brought together artists of diverse backgrounds and ethnicity to explore the question of what constitutes the universal. Is this an outdated construct which serves to subjugate cultural differences or is it something within the essence of what unites us all through commonalities? Is it tangible or in the realms of intangible? How can it be expressed in a way that ignites a universal experience?

Eleven artists under the umbrella of the Flowers Art Collective have found different ways to grapple with these questions arriving and a collection of works which hold both commonalities and disparities. Abstract and figurative painting, photographic excursions and works that use internal illumination offer experiences which brings a sense of other world dimensions as well as earthly realities, food for thought and nourishing delights. Artists Marion Gordon-Flower, Taylen Heremaia, Jasmine Hope, Anne Shirley, Mary Shirley, Ruth Bioletti, Lynette Fisher, Max Grey, Penny Otto, Justin Sobion and Agnés Desombiaux-Sigley bring together their own artistic lenses, to create an exhibition of great diversity and depth.