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Fragments of Us

Exhibition: February 24, 2024 -
April 6, 2024

Artist: Amrit Kaur

Exhibition dates: Saturday 24 February – 6 April 2024


Auckland-based artist Amrit Kaur takes inspiration from the natural world, producing paintings full of intention and from a place of peace. Turning towards the detail of everyday life, she brings forth on her canvas the moments often overlooked in our busy day-to-day world.

Kaur’s artworks begin in nature, influenced by her surroundings, but resolve in the solitude of her studio – a nod to the complexities of life where we are influenced by what’s happening around us but, in the end, we return to ourselves to make sense of it all.

Not interested in capturing the details but in highlighting the subtleness her of subject, Kaur collects relics from nature, sketching and taking notes while outdoors and then embedding those onto her canvas back in her studio.

Fragments of Us builds on the artist’s practice as she explores the humanity’s adjustment to its place in the natural world, highlighting the multiple personalities embodied in each of us. Bringing together her abstract and expressionist works, Kaur hints at the coming together of all our various fragments to make one of US.