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Floral Art Conversions

Exhibition: November 10, 2022 -
November 19, 2022

The Howick Floral Art Club are delighted to be part of the celebration of Howick’s 175th anniversary with a showcase of contemporary floral art designs exhibited at UXBRIDGE. The designs are to illustrate how floral art has developed in New Zealand over the past 45 years. The Howick Floral Art Club was established in 1975 and have taken this opportunity to embody some of the many relevant changes over this time.
The current exhibition highlights and represents modern floral art. The individual pieces use a variety of structural art techniques while paralleled with the fundamentals of basic floral design. The artworks showcase excellent skill and knowledge from the makers.

We invite you to browse and enjoy this short exhibition which is much more than ‘Bunches or Bouquets’