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Dorks, Losers, Lemons

Exhibition: October 8, 2022 -
November 5, 2022

Dorks, Losers, Lemons is a collaborative project between Isabella Dampney and Sophie Sutherland. Together they explore the absurdity of rigid structures in urban life. The show is an invitation to confront the propriety of spaces within and outside the gallery, while drawing on humour as a means of reconnecting with pleasure and play.

Whether stealing lemons over fences or divining meaning from personalised licence plates, Isabella Dampney finds herself at odds with Tāmaki Makaurau’s suburban culture of automobilia and antisociality. Isabella’s flamboyant colours and premeditated brushwork rationalise her anecdotal experiences of social discord into objects of pleasure.

Similarly, Sophie Sutherland bends norms of installation practice, playing with forms that are inspired by systems of aid. Through her action inspired work, featuring pool noodles, rugby cones and other objects of sport, Sophie confuses and questions the role of the gallery space, creating new opportunities for play.