August 13, 2021 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm UXBRIDGE THEATRE

Third show in our Live Out East series showcasing new and emerging artists in UXBRIDGE intimate Theatre Howick.

Mema Wilda will headline another great lineup of fresh talent Live in the heart of Howick Village.

Mema introducing her 5-piece The Wilda band with Electric Moccasins and the Steve Edwards Collective.

The full lineup consists of Mema on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Shellita Goldsmith on drums, Kent Mori on lead guitar, Sam Stretch on bass, Andrew Miller on saxophone and Hariata Makiha on backing vocals. One recent review of the band’s live show spoke of a ‘totally masterful performance’ and described it as ‘totally captivating, intense and theatrical’. This band can’t be boxed into a single genre and, no matter what your musical preference, there is something here for you. Their live set is an eclectic mix of original material covering pop, rock, jazz, new wave, English folk and Celtic soul with a smattering of funky covers just for good measure. The Mema Wilda band has already played to large crowds at Earth Beat and SeePort festivals and there is no doubt they will be in demand for the 2021/22 summer festival season.

Electric Moccasins are Auckland based band making fuzzed out guitar based riff-rock. Sidharth Pagad – Vocals/Guitar Hrish Chandratre – Guitar Simon Murcott – Bass Guitar Dyames Ortiz – Drums

Catch them and warm up your winter at UXBRIDGE.

Checkout the uxbridge Soundcloud for the Live Out East artists so far: