January 11, 2020 2:30 pm - February 18, 2020 4:00 pm

From the distant afar, years and years ago, through mountains and seas, upon this Aotearoa, a wonderland, did we come, and took root hence.

In Spring, trailing the songs of birds, we can wander around our fragrance filled gardens of blooming flowers, pick a rose fresh with dew then, so to hold on to those blissful moments.

In Summer, under the setting sun, we can take a stroll through the inviting beaches, bathing with the waving ripples and blessings of Santa in shorts, wistfully wishing another flourishing year.

While in Autumn, the golden light seeps through the land, shrouding Kiwis singing the harvesting songs, a moment how we can forget our cameras.

In Winter under the moonlight, while the city is still under a misty veil tinted with neon lights, we can climb up the neighbouring hills, to take a glimpse, or to have a little chat with the starry sky, and to reach out for that kiwi bird up, up in the Milky Way.

New Zealand…. this is our home, our heaven on Earth.