February 3, 2020 9:00 am - March 18, 2020 4:00 pm Meeting Room

I studied Bachelor of Visual Arts and my subjects were particular in design and drawing. I had learnt to make variety of media: painting, life drawing, sculpture, photography and moving image but all of these, I preferred computer graphics, such as designing posters, logos and drawing cartoon characters.
I am a new artists this year, albeit may not same as those well-known or professional artist in New Zealand. It is important for me to show my art skill and interest so people will know who I am.
Why I chose the theme ‘Patterns’? We know pattern is about repeated shapes in abstract form. It does not have to be represent the specific meaning of the idea that was made and why. It is a form of everything in either single or multiple. For instance, an apple duplicates into many is still an apple or can mix with others randomly. Simply, it shows how attractive and beautiful it is but pattern can make us to observe it for a long time because we feel we really want to know ‘what it is’. It resembles to puzzle in the way of making us feel confusing and dizzy, e.g. an illusion.
Patterns express my idea of ‘Free Style’. I am free to make any style I like to and easy to demonstrate my first art work that I decide to show. Patterns are my favourite concept in art aspect because it connects with design and painting, not only in fashion. I hope you enjoy these of my first art exhibition.

ARTIST:  Chanh Oai Lu

Coming soon: Korean War Photo Exhibition – Commemorating the 70th Anniversary