Raewyn Neale


My 40-year career working with clay started at night school classes where I learned to master the pottery wheel. In addition, I explored other media like acrylic painting on canvas, which has helped broaden my creative skills. Eventually, I expressed my own signature style in a range of sculptural ceramics including my unique torsos, miniature houses and long-legged ladies.

What I love about working with clay is the mix of technical skills and creative expression, along with the sheer possibility of all you can create. My teaching is very much a hands-on demonstration of what can be achieved with the medium of clay, including the essential basic skills that my students need. In class, they learn techniques such as coiling, slab building, pinch pots, working with moulds, and wheel throwing. I love to explore different textures and decorating techniques with glazing and kiln firing, and encourage my students to do the same. Sometimes your greatest art comes from things that didn’t turn out quite how you expected!

My goal for my students is that they become inspired by what they can create, and go on to explore their own ideas and talents. Ultimately, it’s about enjoyment and a sense of achievement that you can share with your friends and family.