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UXBRIDGE offers you everything from a one-off simple room booking to supporting you with a full-scale production in the UXBRIDGE Theatre – or even the complete centre. And, if none of our spaces suit your needs, then we can provide you with off-site services at your chosen venue.


The success of your event is important to us. Sometimes you don’t need much help or support from us – you have it all in hand.

Other times, our expertise in event management and coordination will help everything to run that bit more smoothly – even if it’s just a bit of advice. 

Ongoing weekly or monthly hire or a one-off event – a social function, performance, presentation, seminar, training sales event, a commemorative event – or the complete centre for that special occasion.


Professional technical services for sound and lighting will enhance your event. We deliver support, equipment and WIFI throughout our centre.

Food & Drink

In-house service allows you to deal with one person to coordinate your event.


Engage people, bring them together and stimulate creativity. As an arts centre who best to push the boundaries.


Take advantage of our educational and leisure programmes.



Some events need professional technical services for sound and lighting. We have a range of people we can call on to support you – and we can also provide less complex requirements in-house. Of course, we have unlimited wifi so no problems with connectivity.


This is an in-house service so you don’t have to deal with multiple people – one person will coordinate your event. We have options for your morning coffee/afternoon tea, buff et lunches, snacks or full meals. We welcome you discussing options with our chef if you want something special – and we can cater for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. We’re a very small team so we can be flexible and responsive to your needs. Our premises are licensed from 9am to midnight, 7 days a week.


Events these days need something extra. A social or fun element, a chill-out zone to engage people, bring them together and stimulate creativity – whether that’s creative thinking – or bringing a sense of achievement in having made something tangible such as a small artwork.


Part of the fun and team building can be getting everyone together on a bus or ferry from Auckland to Half Moon Bay Marina or even Pine Harbour at Beachlands – and then coach. We can arrange that for you! Parking is a challenge everywhere, finding it and paying for it!


Sometimes another venue might better suit your needs but sorting diff erent suppliers for catering, bars, licences, event management and technical services can be a nightmare. We can help!


Take time to browse our available spaces – some are able to be booked together. Click through for further details.



1. Have a clear idea.

We will help you plan the event. The more you know already about what you want to do the better.

2. Know how many guests you‘ll expect.

We‘ll help you choose the right space.

3. How much technology will you need?

WIFI is a given, we will see if you need any other equipment and organise it for you.

4. Food.

It‘s important to keep people happy, the easiest way is to provide good food and service.

5. Your date.

As our facilities are in high demand we advise to book in advance especially if you require specific dates.


Your event is important and we will assist you in being successful.

Please consider the steps above then get in touch using the contact form below, or give our Programme Manager, Robyn, a call on 09 535 6467 (option 2). She will be happy to help with any questions you may have!


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