Linsey Clark

After years of sitting in an office and dreaming of working with dogs, I finally decided to follow my dreams and became a dog trainer. It wasn’t easy going back to school, but I did and studied full time for a year at Unitec, and the whole experience turned out to be the best year of my entire life. When finished I built my own business, ‘The Catch Dog Training’, and now run my own puppy classes within the local area and through local veterinary clinics.

My style of training is reward based, so brings no stress, pain, or fear to the dogs during training. What it does do is allow the dogs to think and solve problems for themselves, and I can confirm: it works. Breaking down behaviours into easy steps helps them to progress faster. What I enjoy seeing is the surprise on my client’s face when their puppy does what they ask of them. I’d love to meet you and your pup!