Ginette Wang

Ginette Wang is a multi- award winning New Zealand watercolour artist, illustrator, published author and teacher, residing in Auckland. She started painting and drawing at a very young age, mainly self-taught.

​While Ginette is well-versed in many media. In recent years, she has developed a deep love for Watercolour in both Western and Chinese free style painting. With the Chinese calligraphy skill she has developed from a young age, her artworks are aim to capture the essence of the subject with energy, mood, movement and a touch of life injected into it. She loves to paint in impressionistic and contemporary style.

Her painting subjects covers landscapes, horses, birds, flora, animals, urban scenes and portraitures. She particularly enjoys painting while she is travelling.  Her artworks have been exhibited and held in private collections locally and overseas. She belongs to several New Zealand and overseas art societies.

She has been teaching art and creativity related classes over 10 years locally and overseas. Students love her vibrant and uplifting style of teaching and how she makes “complex“ concept easy for students to understand.