Bianca Rangelrooy


Recently I googled Google, to find out what sort of questions people where asking.

What I found was of great interest, to an artist and tutor: the 4th most commonly asked question in 2016 was “HOW TO DRAW”

In our modern world, where the computer is an integral part of most institutions and work places, it is interesting that people still have the need to draw, when readily available is a suite of software packages that can do the work.

Why? Is it to express, retain and develop individuality, to feel a sense of control; having the ability to create a likeness. Does it help us connect with the physical world, to explore ideas, create form through gesture. To draw out ideas and thoughts and to see these appear on paper, the creating of something new through touch.

The sheer amount of people asking how to draw, implies that yes, it is important, maybe even more so now, as we tap away in front of our computer screens, smart phones and using software that has a sense of sameness.

The act of Drawing could well provide a balance between the virtual and real, the mind and body, it is with delight that it appears to still be pertinent and meaningful, especially to me, who has tutored  Drawing in various contexts throughout my life. I hope to share this passion, my love of drawing and arts in general, with the people of the Uxbridge community.

Bianca van Rangelrooy is a New Zealand artist; born in Wellington, New Zealand she received her BFA from the University of Canterbury. Widely known for her public art in government buildings in New Zealand she also works in environmental art, drawing, painting, sculpture and digital photography.