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This Stained Glass/ Leadlighting course welcomes all levels. Taught by glass artist Neil Craik.
Learn or develop your knowledge of the basics, from copper foil to lead lighting, while you work on your own stained glass project.

You will learn glass cutting techniques while making fantastic objects. Materials and equipment costs vary. Beginners buy a materials pack ($15) for their first two small projects payable to the tutor on the first night.

– Learn safe glass cutting techniques
– Insights on designing glass art
– Knowledge of how to fit your individual glass pieces together to make a finished product in leadlight/ foil
– How to use the tools in the workshop and soldering

You are free to work on any project you wish with the support of our tutor, Neil.

How many pieces can I make in a term?
Depends on what you are working on. Most students make multiple pieces, however, if you work on a complex project you may decide to spend more time on it.

What to bring?
Please see the pdf document to download from the tab above.

What are Neil’s student saying about this Stained Glass/Leadlighting course:

Fiona J. (June 2022)
Neil is relaxed, supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable. He starts with simple cutting and foiling. He steadily adds sills that enable students to go from basic patterns to evolving their own styles and designs. We have multiple chances to practice including chances to make mistakes and learn from them in a supportive environment. Neil always says that the only silly question is the one you don’t ask – he is always available to teach, guide and support us.
I’ve been coming for several years, and every term I find myself signing up again – there is always more to learn and and more wonderful pieces to create. The class has a focused atmosphere as everyone is drawn into the joy of creating incredible pieces with their own hands. When you take your piece home and see the sun coming through it and think “I can’t believe I made that!” you too will understand why I love coming to Neil’s class!

Linda W. (June 2022)
Personally, I always look forward to Neil’s class, knowing I will be learning new skills in an enjoyable way. Neil goes the extra mile to make sure each project is completed to a high standard. My project was a stained glass window and Neil helped every step of the way. He even came to help us install it!

Lisa P. (July 2022)
Neil is an enthusiastic teacher who is encouraging and always happy to help. The atmosphere in the class is mostly one of concentration but cheerful and supportive.
I started Neil’s classes over two years ago and at first the class was small in number. Now the class is so popular, Neil has two full classes per week.
Many students enrol again after their first term.

Class Location


35 Uxbridge Road Howick, 2014

Uxbridge Map

Here is a list of things required for this class


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