Sculptural Art for Kids


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Children can expect A LOT of fun in this Sculptural Art class! It will be messy, tactile and creative.
This course is for kids aged 6 to 12 years.
Our tutor is Maree Presnall , you can visit her art tutoring page here.


What will we do in this class?

We will learn all about the ancient art of papier mache.
This is an art that has been around since the year 200, not long after people learnt how to make paper.

We begin with learning how to create armatures (the structure that is underneath your creation). What materials can we use? How can we make it work? Does it look right from all angles? Is it strong enough?
Learn to make your own papier mache glue and techniques for application.

We will need to be creative thinkers, observant and curious. In our initial classes we will be looking at the art of Wayne Thiebaud, an American Painter who is famous for painting delicious looking artworks. If we are super clever we will be able to make our art viewers think that our pieces are so yummy they want to eat them!


Is it suitable for all levels?

All levels welcome! We will begin with the basic principals of papier mache and armature construction. As we progress through the term and master new skills, we can move onto more complex pieces.


What to Bring:

Bringing an art shirt is recommended.
All other materials are included in this class.


About Maree’s teaching style:

“I will endeavour to offer a variety of sculptural art projects so that all children have the opportunity to shine. I enjoy working as a ‘creative group’, where we all share in brainstorming sessions so we can arrive at great ideas that consider everyone’s input.
My main intention is to foster the children’s love of art and to help them to feel proud of what they have achieved. I believe these are the two most important parts of my job. I am always happy to field suggestions from the class as to new projects they would like to work on.”
– Maree Presnall


Class Location


35 Uxbridge Road Howick, 2014

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