Making Pictures


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Making Pictures is a fun introduction to art for kids ages 6 to 12 years, where our teachers, Amber or Siobhan (depending on which time slot you choose) will teach the basics of drawing and painting.

What happens in the class:
The children will use various mediums such as paints, pastels, dyes, graphite pencils and more.
Using a step by step process, kids will learn layout and composition principles.
They will be learning new techniques using paint brushes and sponges.
Our tutors are both supportive and encourage the students to put their own individual spin into their artwork.
Children usually complete 3 to 4 projects per terms, depending on the group’s advancement.

What this class provides:
From our Making Pictures class, kids will gain valuable skills to use in their artistic journey in a relaxed environment. Music is usually played in the background, kids get to draw and paint with other like-minded children and get inspiration from each other. They also get on-going mentorship for our friendly and experienced tutors.

Who is this class designed for?
This art class is suitable for any child between 6 and 12 years old.

What to bring?
Bringing an art shirt is recommended.
All other materials are included in this class.



Our tutors have distinct styles which are a reflection of their personal artistic influences:

In Amber’s classes
(Tuesday and Saturday), your child is likely to make Neon bright bold colours type of works. Pop art styles and other themes such as Kiwiana, birds as well as animals. See Amber’s work

In Siobhan’s class
(Monday), you child is likely to make whimsical themed creations in a delicate style. Think cute tigers, unicorn and dragons. Magical landscapes and imaginary themes. See Siobhan’s artworks

Class Location


35 Uxbridge Road Howick, 2014

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