Drawing & Sketching


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This Drawing & Sketching class is for kids aged 10 to 15 years.
Our tutor is Maree Presnall , you can visit her art tutoring page here.

This course is a fun way to explore realistic drawing and sketching techniques.
In this class children will produce a variety of works throughout the term.


What happens in the class?

It varies and is never boring, kids will:
– Play timed drawing games
– Draw from still life
– Draw on mediums other than paper
– Try new ways to shade
– Sketch from images of interest or draw from imagination!

Some lessons may be more guided, some others we play background music and kids work away on their pieces.
Sometimes the kids enjoy working on a particular project for a number of weeks and sometimes they will produce a finished drawing in one lesson.

There is always a lot of variety to keep the interest levels up! Children will learn to look critically at their pieces and may chat with others in the class to share ideas and provide feedback. Sometimes they may not personally like what they have produced, but other people may, and there will always be new tips and tricks picked up along the way.
Children will have the opportunity to try many new ways of drawing and think creatively. They will be supported, challenged and encouraged with their love of drawing.


Is it suitable for all levels?

All levels welcome. Maree celebrates each child’s strengths and styles. As she gets to know the children and the group as a whole, she tailors projects to make them more or less challenging. This class is for kids aged 10 to 15 years.


About Maree’s teaching style:

” I endeavour to offer a variety of drawing projects so that each child has the opportunity to shine.
My main intention is to foster the children’s love of art and help them to feel proud of what they have achieved. I believe these are the two most important parts of my job. I am always happy to field suggestions from the class as to new projects they would like to work on. Each child will have their own strengths and style and I aim to celebrate and foster these while encouraging them to try something new.”
– Maree Presnall


Class Location


35 Uxbridge Road Howick, 2014

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