Digital Art on the iPad (ages 12+)



Suitable for ages 12+ years


Art is for everyone, and everyone expresses themselves in a range of different ways. Digital Art on the iPad will allow your children to unleash their creativity and ooze imagination. As parents, you probably see your children obsessed with their iPad, but what if they could turn this mindless obsession into a creative and mindful one?


Who is this workshop for:

Perfect for kids over 12 years old who have an interest in drawing.

First timers using iPad and Procreate:
Kids will learn how to to open a new canvas, locate the brushes, what they do and how to use them, and how to colour their artwork!
Already familiar with the iPad and Procreate: There are always more tips and tricks than can be learned as this app is so well-rounded. Harri will be available to show new shortcuts and creative ways to utilise the app to its full potential. This will result in improved quality of the final artwork but most importantly, more fun and less frustrations while creating!

Additionally, this workshop will be the perfect time for kids to talk about their digital creations, exchange on the themes they like to explore and make new friends with the same interest!


In the workshop:

In this workshop, we will be embracing technology and digital art, channeling their focus using iPads and the Procreate app.
Harri, our digital art tutor, will teach what your children what they will need to get started and share lots of tips and tricks using Procreate. For example: what digital brushes to use (for sketching, lining, painting), colour picking and blending will be on the menu!
We will be using the app many professionals/ visual artists simply rave about! This app is called Procreate. Designers, animators, and artists of all sorts use drawing tablets these days, so why not give your child the skills to succeed with the tools they need?
We want participants leaving the workshop enthused and ready to generate outstanding digital art.


About the app:

The Procreate app is know worldwide in the community and has changed the way digital art is done! It is intuitive and fun to use. You can create artworks without the clutter and mess of paint brushes, paints and inks… even on the go! The app even works offline.
To get the Procreate app, jump on the App Store from your iPad to download it (it is a one-off fee costing about $15 NZ).
Click here to see Procreate’s website and click here to see it on the App Store.


What to bring:

Come with the app already installed on your iPad and bring your own Apple Pencil too.
The Apple Pencils are made exactly for this and are the best you can get. However, they are pricey.

If you are looking for an entry level stylus, we suggest you look into these alternatives below:
-This one was tested and approved by a previous student
-Browse on Amazon for other options
-A blog post listing Apple Pencil alternatives 
Pro tips: Look for Pressure sensitivity if you can! Read the reviews from other people who use the stylus for digital drawing and see what they say.

Our Tutor for this workshop:

Harri Cuthers


What parents of our participants have said:

Natalie M. (July 2022)
My daughter loved the course and has been very motivated creating since. She was having trouble with Procreate before but now is well on her way.

Class Location


35 Uxbridge Road Howick, 2014

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