The Board of UXBRIDGE COMMUNITY PROJECTS INCORPORATED has a maximum of 10 members but can co-opt additional non-voting members for the purposes of expertise.  The Board meets every 6 weeks approximately.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held around September each year.  Board members all stand down and, if they choose, present themselves for re-election alongside any new candidates.  Voting then takes place at the Annual General Meeting.

The constitution is reviewed annually.


Nominations are now open for the 2020/21 Board. Please complete this form if you would like to put your name forward. It is not essential at this stage to obtain counter-signatures. Nominations must be received by Tuesday 15 September, 5PM.

Please phone Vickie Bowers, Centre Director for a chat on 027 464 2926.

Voting is in person at the Annual General Meeting and is open to anyone on the UXBRIDGE database who has been involved in some way with UXBRIDGE since the last AGM, which was held on the 29th of September 2019.

The next AGM will be held on the Tuesday, 29th of September 2020, at 6PM.


Elected 29 September 2019

  • Jan Hollway (Chair)

  • Cliff Halsey (Deputy Chair)

  • Andrea Edwards (Board Secretary)

  • Phil Taylor

  • Laura Knight

  • Joy Oxford JP

  • Richard Poole

  • Graeme Smith

  • Angela Campbell

  • Alastair Maascht (Elected 19 May 2020)