Benjamin Work: Whenua Fonua ‘Enua

6 November – 2 December

Opening Saturday 4 November, 2.30PM


Early Polynesian navigators gave names to the places they encountered as a reminder of the spiritual threshold between creation and reality.  This was because they regarded the ideas of geographic and spiritual origin as mutually similar.


In Whenua Fonua ‘Enua Auckland-based artist Benjamin Work explores the significance of name and place and the importance of these indicators that connect us to our past and highlight the characteristics of our present.


Work hopes to draw the viewer into a conversation about the way in which history is written onto a landscape, as people remember and retell stories of what has taken place and imagine what could be.

Nicola Jackson: The Bloggs

11 December – 13 January 2018

Opening Saturday 9 December, 2.30PM


The Bloggs – a title that refers to the British colloquialism ‘Joe Bloggs’ to denote the typical everyday man – considers what it is that makes us human. Nicola Jackson has created her version of an anatomy museum, filling vitrines and cabinets with a range of curious objects and adorning the walls with paintings of inquisitive characters.

In The Bloggs Jackson has paired key anatomical elements with qualities that go beyond the physical but ultimately aid in classifying us as human.


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Photomarathon 2017

Saturday 28 October, 9.00AM – 7.00PM

A photomarathon is a photographic competition with a twist: you have 10 hours to take 10 pics on 10 given topics. Your immense creativity, fab originality and your natural eye for a great image will get you through the day. Grab your camera, your family and make a day of it.

Register HERE

Bright Ideas: Creative Meet-up

Wednesday 8 November, 10.00AM – 11.00AM

A monthly meet-up for East Auckland creatives and those interested in creative things.

Join us for a free morning burst of inspiration. Two speakers from different creative backgrounds will share projects, ideas, and artistic wisdom. Grab a coffee from our cafe following the presentations and continue the conversation!

Join talented local UXBRIDGE creatives Giles Peterson (educator and curator of contemporary Pacific art) and Marie-Louise Myburgh (object maker).

All welcome, free entry.


Korean Ceramics: Presented by Korean-NZ Cultural Association and Icheon Ceramic Association, Korea

2 November – 2 December

Opening Thursday 2 November, 6.30PM

Korea’s Icheon ceramics village became the centre of traditional pottery during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) for about 500 years due to the easily obtainable materials in the area.  Now, it is famous for the 80 pottery factories located at the village housing around 300 pottery kilns that are consistently in use.


This exhibition features the work of 8 ceramic artists from Icheon.  Their work represents the diverse styles and forms from the area and the traditions of Korean ceramics.

Tutors and Student Exhibition

11 December – 21 December

Opening Saturday 9 December, 2.30PM


This eagerly anticipated end-of-year exhibition at Uxbridge celebrates the achievements of our students and foregrounds our tutors’ practice, who not only teach the skills and techniques necessary to create an artwork, but foster ways to think newly and creatively.

A wide range of media and styles on show, including oil and acrylic painting, pastel, watercolour, ink, jewellery, mosaic, clay sculpture and pottery.

Artworks affordably priced for sale.


Mapura Studios: YES MAYBE NO

13 November – 2 December

A meeting room is a transient space hosting varying groups with specific agendas. Unlike the stark white void of the gallery, the meeting room commands a certain type of behaviour from its visitors with its practical furniture, patterned carpets and serene atmosphere.


In this exhibition, artists from Mapura Studios explore meeting room culture; the rituals, behaviour and paraphernalia associated with this space. Our artists investigate how this culture accommodates people with diverse needs and what role art can play in this environment.


Mapura Studios is a creative space for artists of all ages living with diversity and disability. We have a broad range of programmes across many media including music, movement, poetry and the visual arts.


Opening Tuesday November 14, 10.30AM

Please join us at the exhibition to view the work and Skype chat with some of our artists live in the Mapura studio.



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