Nat Hugill

The powerhouse behind Lilly Loca is Natalie Hugill, professional actress, model and theatre teacher. Her professional career began at an early age with Uxbridge Theatre Company, and she went on to graduate from Auckland and Waikato universities with a degree in Literature, Classical Studies and Theatre. She is a well established Theatre Studies teacher, teaching at ThePerformance.Net, Onehunga High School and Western Springs College.

Natalie has starred in various TV and theatre roles, combining both her talents for theatrical acting with her natural hilarity and MCing talent. She has starred in TV and music productions including Legend of the Seeker and lead in KPS, Stauny (Shineshine Sound Systems) and OJ (Central Records) music video “Thinkin”. She was the lead role in the Rialto cinema screened film, Roman Candle, starred in award winning 48 Hour Film Festival film, “Standing In Your Shoes” and also appeared in productions including Oliver Twist, Patrick Graham’s Lost Girls, and Tom Sainsbury’s take on Titus Andronicus.
She combines her talent for the traditional with her love of the hilarious in her MCing work. She regularly MCs for her Va Va Voom productions as well as the long running Dr Sketchy show, Auckland.

She is also an established dancer, being extensively trained in ballroom and latin dancing as well as hip hop and aerobics. More information about Lilly Loca