Merv Appleton

merv-profile-2-squareI would describe my creative practice as Impressionist Realism. I paint in Water Colour, Oil and Acrylic, drawing inspiration from the early French Impressionists along with some of their English counterparts. The advent of paint in tubes enabled the artists to paint outdoors ‘en plein air’ because they were committed to observing the effects of light on colour in nature.

Like the Impressionists, I encourage my students also to observe and study their environment and what’s around them. I also place a strong emphasis on students learning brush handling skills, and applying their paint in such away that it embellishes both the medium and the subject.

My classes cater for beginners through intermediate levels to the experienced artist. Topics include 1) How to create a rhythm in your design and the elements of composition. 2) How to work from photographs, learning what to leave out and what to add to make your painting come to life and not become just a copy. 3) Greater observation skills. I would like my students to leave my classes with the confidence and curiosity to explore and develop their own artistic skills as painters.